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Impressions of our volunteers

"Experience, relaxation, fun, perseverance and joy. With these five words, I would briefly describe my impressions at the summer camp. It was certainly one of the most beautiful experiences, to come to nature, surrender to children's playfulness and imagination. Being surrounded by smiles , and we are not the youngest, but also the older ones.

I could say that we were a very special group at the camp during that particular week, and regardless of the differences (age, character, etc.), we got along very well. The best thing is to reduce differences, differences that are strongly entrenched in society today. This is what gave the camp freedom and at the same time the opportunity to carry out everything as the founders Katarina and Ana envisioned it."


"The experience of the inclusive camp enriched me with the realization that mutual understanding and experiencing positive emotions in relationships is not conditioned by equality, but inequality represents an opportunity to strengthen mutual respect and offers a quality learning experience of appropriate communication."


"Camp Jurček was a wonderful experience even for those volunteers who were not present every day. I think that the home environment, surrounded by nature, had a strong influence on the positive atmosphere, the children enjoyed themselves immensely. In the evening, relaxed gathering with music, singing and the dance was the most memorable for me, because it was something so beautiful and sincere, which you don't experience every day. As much as the children learned from all of us volunteers, we learned as much from them. I am excitedly waiting for the new little ones smiling faces next year!"


"As a volunteer, I learned a lot at the summer camp, gained a lot of new experiences and made new friends. 

The program was varied and very attractive for the children, and at the same time it was well thought out. It offered a huge number of new concrete experiences and genuine contact with nature, which children today may not have enough of. Children with autism and neurotypical children were given a wonderful opportunity to spend time safely on the farm, where they broadened their horizons and learned to live together.

A few months after the camp, I think of my trio, the other children, the volunteers and the organizers with a smile."


"Participating at the camp was really something special. The children really enjoyed nature and the many interesting workshops, and as a volunteer I gained a lot of knowledge and invaluable experience. The organization was very good, and help was always available. I believe that the camp will brightened up many children's summer vacations in the future as well."


"At the inclusive camp Jurček, I had the opportunity to observe children who every day gained new experiences in the field of independence, social skills, new knowledge... The organization of the activities allowed the children to socialize in a structured way during the activities, and also to enjoy their free time game of their choice. They faced their fears, forged new bonds, had a good time and had a healthy snack."



"In the summer, I was a volunteer at the Jurček camp. The camp was a surplus in every way. Katarina and Ana carried out their idea perfectly. Very good organization. The children and us were well taken care of. I also really liked the various workshops and other activities. My deep tribute to Bernarda and Tonet, who gave the space so that the Jurček camp could take place at all."


"I had a great time at the camp! I especially liked the fact that all the children connected with each other, played together and had fun. There were no differences between them. With various workshops (for example, cooking, woodworking, art, ...) we volunteers actively enriched their time at the camp, and they rewarded ours with new experiences in life."


"It was my first time at such a camp, which is intended for both neurotypical children and children with autism spectrum disorders, and the experience was truly extraordinary. As a chaperone, I had the opportunity to see how quickly the children connected with each other, without the buddy system has proven to be very effective and I hope that we will have more such camps in Slovenia in the future. Of course, my wonderful experience was also greatly helped by the great team of volunteers and our camp organizer, with whom We cooperated and supported each other very well throughout the week.Because of the great experience, I later happily took part in a one-day trip to ZOO Ljubljana, where we rekindled the friendships we made at the camp, and at the same time made some new ones. The trip was definitely successful and I'm glad I took part in it."


"Camp Jurček is definitely one of my better experiences in the field of working with children. Participating in the first inclusive camp intended for children with autism spectrum disorders as well as others exceeded my expectations. The week was very intense, and I took away many new experiences from the camp and mostly pleasant memories."


"What Ana and Katarina remembered filled us with previously unknown feelings during this year's holidays; a completely new dimension.

At the end of the camp, we both said: 

"Even on a five-star vacation, you cannot experience what we experienced at Camp Jurček.

All honor and praise to Katarina, Ana and all and every one of the volunteers in particular!

You are the law and the great tsars!"

Toni and Bernarda

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