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Buddy system is a way of working where two individuals help each other and work as one unit

(one neurotypical child and one child with special needs). 

Through various activities, triads (a trained volunteer, a neurotypical child and a child with autism) are formed, which reach the desired goal through teamwork.  


Inclusion is very useful because it brings together children/adolescents with special needs and neurotypical children/adolescents (children/adolescents without special needs). In this way, children get the opportunity to learn skills from each other. At the same time, neurotypical children get the opportunity to know, understand and accept special needs.

Thus, inclusion is also important for children/adolescents with special needs and not only for neurotypicals, as they also need adjustments at work.

We strongly support the child adapting to the environment, but the environment must also adapt to the child's needs, wishes, interests and abilities.

The goal is to develop coexistence and a sense of belonging.

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