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The first camp of its kind in Slovenia.

It is intendedchildren with autism spectrum disorderandto others as wellin the age rangefrom 7 - 11 years 

(from the completed 1st grade to the completed 4th grade of elementary school, elementary school with a special or adapted program).

In Slovenia, we have 20,000 children with autism spectrum disorders, which means 24-hour work for parents who never have the opportunity to rest. With the desire to reduce family hardships and parental burnout, we came up with the idea for a camp. 


The way the camp is conducted is special and different, it is about "buddy system".


To ensure quality performance of the camp, it isnumber of children limited to 16 (so hurry up withAPPLICATION).



Our camp offers many interesting and interactive workshops and activities outdoors and in a mobile classroom. The spacious surroundings provide plenty of room for movement and creation.

We offer 12 different workshops/activities:

- Fun games (jumping with jacks, throwing water balloons, Black Man, Rotten Egg)

- Excursions in nature 

- Cooking workshops (preparation of various simple, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes)

- Wood workshop (individual or group production of wooden products)

- Art workshops (creation with crayons, temperas, collage, clay, etc.)

- Agricultural workshop (learning about field seeds and plants) 

- Scandinavian fire (evening gathering by the fire, singing, telling stories)

- Sports workshops (exercise, sun salutation, yoga, stretching exercises)

- Herb garden (collecting, getting to know and drying various herbs from the home garden) 

- Animals on the farm (learning and getting to know different farm animals) 

- Phone and computer addiction (workshop where we will all talk, draw and discuss overuse and possible consequences of overuse of phone and computer) 

- Therapy animals (getting to know the work of a therapy couple and the basics of behavior around dogs)

In addition to the planned workshops and activities, the children will also have free time (listening to music, resting, playing, etc.) 


17.6.2022 - 22.7.2023

24/07/2023 - 29/07/2023

Jurček Farm, Mengeš 

(Na Gmajna 29, 1234 Mengeš)


Private Parties


Camping Site

We all need adjustments to our environment (both home and work), as everyone works in their own unique way. As adults, we have the opportunity to create them, fight for them and say out loud what suits us better and what doesn't.

One of our goals is to make this possible for children as well.

Children are like little "sponges", so we must provide them with the most favorable and stimulating environment in which they work or are studying or playing. Regardless of whether it is a child/adolescent with special needs or a child/adolescent without special needs, everyone is an individual who deserves to be listened to and understood for their wishes, needs, interests and abilities. This does not mean that the child/adolescent is without restrictions and structure, but that within this he is offered the possibility of adaptation if he needs it. When a child/adolescent gets this opportunity, he can be more successful, more motivated for further work and be happy and proud of himself.


In our association, we will advocate for the adjustments that children/youths need throughout all our activities.

We operate  according to  "Buddy system"andInclusions.

Let's give them a chance to express their best selves!

Corporate Events


Image by Giulia May

Our camp offers many interesting and interactive workshops and activities. They will be held on
outdoors, and in a mobile classroom. The surroundings are spacious, so children will have plenty of room to move around
and creation.

Volunteers from various fields of study (art, special and rehabilitation) will be included in the camp
and social pedagogy, psychology, social work and social work with the family, etc.)



- Getting to know nature and society
- Learning about different content (cooking, art creation, learning about herbs, etc.)
- Encouraging the child's creativity and creativity
- Encouraging the child's motor skills and emotional skills
- Developing the child's social and communication skills
- Developing independence, autonomy and interactivity
- Spending your holidays actively

The way the camp is conducted is special and different (Englishbuddy system).

To ensure the quality of the camp,the number of children is limited to 10!

Children's personal companions may also be included in the camp


Attendanceto the campis voluntary

In the event that the child endangers himself and others and this behavior does not stop, the parents/guardians are notified.

The child may be excluded from the camp.

The camp will be held in Mengš (Jurček Farm, Na gmajni 29, 1234 Mengeš), on a large surface, which enables the implementation of all workshops and activities.



Arrivalon Monday7/17/2023  until 12:00
DepartureSaturday22/07/2023  after lunch at 1 p.m

  Price: €380.00


Arrivalon Monday22/07/2023  until 12:00.

DepartureSaturday29/07/2023  after lunch at 1 p.m.

Price: €430.00

*the second term is held in English and is primarily intended for English-speaking participants. As long as there are still free places, Slovenian children are also welcomewho speak English.


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